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Stripping away the function of a traditional book cover and transforming it into an abstract form of an intimate questionnaire, Depends Who You Ask poses the audience with questions to answer, rather than titles to choose from, when selecting a book.

New York, New York 2020.

An Abstract Redesign Series Of Classic Novels 

As each book represents a novel, each spine features an overarching question pulled from the text that embodies the themes and emotions found within the story. The interior pages are Leporello bound, creating an unique, interactive design specific to each selected passage – simultaneously unfolding the pages as the content is revealed. As the ultimate debate of selection is in the hands of the reader, his pick will - and should - vary from his neighbor’s. This concept of “who picks what” speaks to the mind of the reader, the thoughts that interest them, and the answers they may be seeking. With this disguise of telling information comes opportunity – allowing the mind to choose, rather than the eyes. I imagine these ten renditions to be the first few of an ongoing series that will continue to expand through layers of time, subject, and author representation.